MWD Drill Screen

After years of working with various types of mud screens, Hardy Fab has upgraded the design of basic disposable mud screens and manufactured them with materials that support longer lasting drilling needs. Our approach minimizes screen damage while reducing pressure spikes and eliminating wash sites.

Flow Volume: Our structural integrity supports standard, medium and high volume flow jobs.

Comparison: Our product is often compared to the standard bird cage style, but the Hardy Fab Mud screen does not support wash points.

Fluid Dynamics: The bottom section of our mud screen is specifically engineered to eliminate wash points.

Defuse Pressure Spikes: The Hardy Fab mud screen is engineered with relief port integrity bands to help defuse unexpected pressure spikes.

Depending on the application, screens will last on average around 100 hours. Drilling projects have been outpaced by the Hardy Fab Mud Screen by days and months at a time.

“The Hardy Fab Mud screens has maintained its integrity and functionality with a total of 608.2166 run hours, 14 – 54 days with minor damages. The project consisted of a mud weight averaging 9-9.3, solid content 14-1, viscosity 41-45, and sand content of 3-5 per run time with a temperature of 95-108.” – Scientific Drilling

All hours listed below were the total hours used on my prototype.

Incredible run hours were offered by the Hardy Fab Mud Screens:

7/21-8/15 Well Name
92.72 HRS@800 GPM 316XA-24HR, 375-23R
40.59 HRS@630 GPM 316XA-24R
8/16-8/27 Well Name
69.58 HRS@800 GPM 366A-23R
16.83 HRS@900 GPM 382XA-26Z
13.83 HRS@600 GPM 366A-23R

– Ensign Directional Services

Mud Screen Options

Slotted Mud Screens

Most have a handling cap of around 300 GPMs (gallons per minute). Due to the small width of the slots, these screens are used for gravel or large grain stand-alone completions. There are some disadvantages associated with slotted screens. There's the possibility of clogging, particularly with thicker screens. The risk of collapse is also present, though this can be reduced with an increased number of slots on the screen.

Rod Mud Screens

Rod screens are often used in shallow completions, typically those involving no more than a depth of 1,000 feet. These are also high-flow retrievable, meaning they are best used with wells that deliver high fluid rates. Most have a handling cap of around 800 GPM or more.

Cost Factor:

The drilling business has been buying the same basic mud screens for more than 20 years at a fixed price. Our device reduces downtime by eliminating screen replacement and offers 80% less in repairs. The advantages of Hardy Fab's mud screens stem from their long run periods and total cost savings of replacement and repair, which averages at a minimum of 10:1 for each Hardy Fab Mud Screens. Our Hardy Fab Mud Screens can be purchased individually or wholesale. Call us for details