Best Bakersfield resource for hard facing on tools and heavy equipment

Here at Hardy Fabrication we specialize in the re-fabricating of most Directional drilling tools and equipment. Oxyacetylene, commonly known as gas, welding is a major component in repairing the tooling. Oxyacetylene welding is the oldest of all types of welding. Oxygen and acetylene are burned to produce a flame that is hotter than the melting point of most metals.

The oxyacetylene process can be used for joining, heating, and cutting metals. Joining, or fusion, welding is an important application of the oxyacetylene process. At Hardy Fab we use oxyacetylene welding to braze high alloy steels to base metals, and to oxy flame cut mild steel.

  • Downhole tools
  • Mills
  • Tractor blades
  • Other heavy equipment

Hardy Fabrication uses their experience in complex hardsurfacing for oilfield equipment to serve the needs of agriculture and construction industries. We have expertise in gas metal arc welding, one of the best procedures for ensuring a long-lasting hard facing refabrication.

Hardy Fabrication fills the gap in Bakersfield resources for reliable, hardenable steel resurfacing of tools and heavy equipment.

Our Fair Price Guarantee

Hardy Fabrication price quotes for manufacturing work are fair, competitive and stable. The amount we estimate is the amount you pay. As long as the scope of work remains the same, you won’t have any invoice surprises. And if significant changes need to be made that affect the cost, we’ll notify you before proceeding. We got into the business to provide integrity in pricing, and we stand by our agreements. We value clients and seek to build long-term relationships through excellent service.

Because the oilfield never closes, tools may need repair beyond a standard workday. As part of our fair price guarantee, we offer standard pricing on the first 3 hours of overtime.